Laser Optics v.III Training Model

Laser Optics v.III Trainer

Laser Optics v.III Training Model is a High-Powered Green Laser that projects a solid line on the putting surface. Mounted to its stable tripod, the Trainer is used for start line, stroke accuracy, and visualization training. The antenna mounted atop will provide 360 surround wireless remote ON/OFF control allowing for easy and effective visualization training.

Product Includes:

  • Improved Laser Module + Mount
  • Imroved Wireless Remote
  • Tripod
  • 18650 3.7v Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Port for easy recharging
  • USB Cord
  • Handy Carry Case

Rechargeable Battery Tips:

  • Rechargeable battery charge life is around 1/3 that of a standard lithium battery. However, they can be recharged up to 500 times.
  • Average charge life is +2 hours. 
  • To ensure maximum charge life, fully charge until the indicator light turns green.
  • A 50% charged battery will yield significantly less than average 50% charge life.


Laser Optics v.III Training Model
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